Iconic Must-Have Desserts of Kuching

Kuching Desserts Sunny Hill Ice Cream

How many of these sugary concoctions have you already tried?

No matter the cuisine, desserts are a staple to any repast for a sweet ending to the meal. Just like every state in Malaysia, Sarawak too has its own stable of delectable goodies unique to the locality, with Kuching being the most inventive spot for the afters. In order to help you satiate your sweet tooth the next time you are in the Land of the Hornbill, we’ve compiled Sarawak’s exclusive goodies that you can find right here in Kuching.

Cendol Gula Apong

Kuching Desserts Cendol Tapai
The Cendol Tapai at Cendol Mami features a thick coating of gula apong topped with the tapai.

Similar to the gula Melaka that Malacca is famous for, Sarawak is renowned for gula apong or palm sugar, a no-so-secret ingredient that is essential to most of the state’s desserts. No surprise but gula apong is also the must-have on the local variety of cendol here. The place to visit is Cendol Mami and there opt for the cendol tapai, which comes with fermented rice on top.

ABC Apong

Kuching Desserts ABC Gula Apong

Similar to the cendol, the shaved ice desert that is ais kacang comes with the decadent gula apong in Sarawak. Wait for the ice to melt if you find it too sweet, the dilution will ease off on the sugar sting on the tongue. Try it in Swee Kang, Kuching’s legendary desert shop.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Kuching Desserts Ice Cream Sandwich
A crowd favourite at Sunny Hill Ice Cream that people queue up for.

A favourite among locals no matter the age, the ice cream sandwich is basically just a spurt of sundae folded in a piece of bread. However, it’s an age old dessert here that every Kuchingite would stand by, especially the one found in Sunny Hill Ice Cream. One of the OG must-have Kuching desserts.

Jagung Milo

Kuching Desserts Jagung Milo

Literally meaning corn milo, jagung milo is a shaved ice dessert really unique to Sarawak – it’s a combination of shaved ice, condensed milk, sweet corn, and Milo, also known as the best thing to have on a hot and sunny day.

Thirst Milkshake

Kuching Desserts Thirst Milkshake

A startup homegrown dessert brand originating from Kuching, Thirst Milkshake offers healthy fruit-based milkshakes and smoothies. Since its inception in 2016, the company has taken the city by storm and is also a permanent fixture at the Rainforest World Music Festival.

White Lady

Kuching Desserts White Lady

Filled to the brim with juicy fruits topped with a creamy citrus juice, the White Lady is a legend amongst Kuching desserts. Ingredients include condensed milk, fruit, jellies, and lemon on top.

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