Prabakaran: The Power of Youth

“Democracy is not only about voting…” – YB Prabakaran.

For most of the youth out there—including myself—usually, our utmost concern is either to finish our studies in time or to secure a good job with a promising monthly paycheck. Some may be in deep thoughts whether or not to further continue their studies. But it is a different case for Prabakaran.

The recent historically-concluded GE14 had not just witnessed the new dawn of Malaysia but also the direct involvement of youth. On that note, at the age of 22 years old, P.Prabakaran has created new history by being the youngest ever Malaysia’s Member of Parliament (MP). In his campaign, Prabakaran also vowed to be the voice of youth in the parliament.

“Democracy is not only about voting, but also knowing the fundamentals of the system.” 

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When asked about his decision to run as a candidate, Prabakaran firmly stated that his concern on the youth issues has made him determined to stand in the election. He hoped to set an example for the youth across the country to be more involved in politics and social services.

“I decided to enter the arena of politics because I wanted to give an impact towards the young generations so that they can have their own freedom of speech and they don’t ignore it or being ignored.”

Further commenting on the lack of youth involvement in politics, Prabakaran believes that there is a need to create an awareness among them about the fundamental knowledge of the democratic system.

In response to the arguments saying that an adult below 21 is not “mature” enough to vote, Prabakaran firmly believes that we have to look up to other developed countries such as Japan and Canada if we wish to see progression in our country.

“It depends on the mentality of our people. As years go by, our level of maturity is increasing, if you ask me, because of the fast-moving technology that we have.”

“We must start from school, educating them about the national issues and the system”, he further explains.

Representing Batu, Prabakaran aims to improve the infrastructure, economy, sports and social, and health in the constituency

“Batu’s main economy is pasar (market). We had 3 big pasar—Pasar Selayang, Pasar Sentul, and Pasar Batu Lima. One of the pasar just recently got demolished and there’s a new development coming up for the new pasar. The other two pasar are just the same as how they were 30 years ago. So, I’m trying to redevelop them.”

He also mentioned that he will make an effort in increasing the numbers of government clinics (Klinik Kesihatan) as he sees fit for the condensed population of Batu. He also mentioned that he will put an emphasis on sport in which he will try to provide a sports faculty in Batu itself.

Sharing his selfie with the oldest electoral candidate, the current Prime Minister on his Facebook, Prabakaran admits that he admires Tun Dr. Mahathir very much.

“I look up to Tun Mahathir. His age is 93, and if he can do it, so why can’t a 22-year-old boy do it as well?”

He contested as an independent in a four-cornered fight against Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Datuk Dr. Dominic Lau, PAS candidate Azhar Yahya, and another independent candidate Datuk Panjamorthy Muthusamy, and got 38,125 votes—winning with 24,438 majority votes.

Here come the days of the youth!

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One thought on “Prabakaran: The Power of Youth

  1. Power to you Prabha. Refreshing.

    It is easier to build strong children than to fix broken men. Some of the sensibility* will rub off onto adults too.

    *A fresh look: what is the source of pessimism? Ever run across a pessimistic dog or bird?


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