Yeo Bee Yin: From An Engineer To A Minister

“We should ask ourselves what can we do for the country and what difference in people’s lives can we make in our capacity.”

After the historic victory of the recent GE14, Malaysia has witnessed the birth of fresh new hope among the people. The new Pakatan Harapan-led government is widely expected to be a force of change, moving #MalaysiaBaru forward to become a better nation. Among those who are upholding the hope of the people is the newly-minted minister Yeo Bee Yin.

Believe it or not, Minister Yeo Bee Yin only started her journey into politics 6 years ago in 2012. A year later, at the age of 29, she contested for the first time in Malaysia’s 13th General Election and was elected as the State Assemblywoman for Damansara Utama on 5th May 2013, making her the youngest member of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly during the 2013-2018 term.

In the recently-concluded GE14, she was sent to return to her home state Johor to contest in Bakri parliamentary seat. She quadrupled the majority of her predecessor and won with 23,211 majority – highest majority ever achieved in the history of Bakri parliament constituency.

Last July, after swearing in as Minister of Energy, Green Technology, Science, Climate Change, and Environment, Yeo Bee Yin has officially become the youngest female Cabinet minister at the age of 35.

Yeo Bee Yin at the MORPHOSIS art exhibition at Galeri Prima recently.

An engineer by training, Yeo did not think that she would venture into politics at first and plus, she had been non-partisan all her life. At least, not until the day she finally realised that she wanted to make an impact on the nation and with the limited things she had, it can only be done effectively through politics.

“I think the country needs a systemic change. That’s why we need to be in the front line in politics so we can make the (systemic) change to the country”, she explained.

From Damansara Utama State Assemblywoman to Bakri Member of Parliament and now Minister, Yeo believes that position is not the main concern. According to her, whether you are a State Assembly person or a Minister, the people must be rightfully served with justice.

“I think our mind and our heart should be the same. Whatever capacity that we serve in, we want to do the best we can to make a change in people’s lives – make lives better for them”, she told UPPRE.

Yeo Bee Yin and Sim Pollen (far right) at the MORPHOSIS art exhibition at Galeri Prima recently.

In her effort to move the Ministry forward, Yeo told us that she has plenty on her plate. Among them are reducing the usage of plastics and to manage energy produced from the treatment of waste (better known as waste-to-energy).

“It’s a big plan but ultimately we want to make use of science and technology to create wealth for this nation.”

Being the youngest female Cabinet minister, Yeo certainly has some words she would like to deliver to the youth out there.

“I think the young generation nowadays cannot expect people to represent them. We should ask ourselves what can we do for the country and what difference in people’s lives can we make in our capacity.”

“The only thing that youth cannot do is to do nothing.”

Yeo believes that if the youth can reach their full potential, the country will also reach its full potential. She hopes that the youth in Malaysia will work hard in anything they do as it will contribute to the economic growth of the country and eventually, the whole country would benefit from it.

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