3 Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 That Impressed Us

And two that didn’t.

Honestly, there’s no device in the world that everyone could find complete satisfaction in. However, what everyone could find though are comments to make about the latest mobile devices that are launched. Jumping in the bandwagon courtesy of Samsung Malaysia, we decided to share with the cyberspace our two cents on the relatively-newly-released Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Bright, Vibrant Screen

It is no brainer that Samsung Galaxy Note series always gets better and better. The latest flagship Note 9 is bigger than ever, placing appropriate emphasis on its massive, near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge 6.4-inch display screen. Samsung’s longstanding reputation for its OLED is nothing new but the Galaxy Note 9 is taking it to another level. With 1440p Super AMOLED display, the screen is brighter and sharper and the colours appear more vibrant — making it easy to be read even in the harshest outdoor lighting.

Powerful Camera

Another feature of the Galaxy Note 9 that awed us is the high performance dual 12 MP rear lens. With the dual-aperture technology, the camera captures great details and colour production even in situations beyond perfection. It also enables the Galaxy Note 9 to record Super Slow-Mo video but we think that addition could’ve been done better. Nonetheless, the autofocus feature is a lot better than its predecessors.

Convenient S Pen

The new S Pen is now even handier with Bluetooth technology that is connected to the phone for remote-controlled shortcuts. The button lets you to take control — without touching your phone — of the camera shutter, presentation slides controller, and many more. Taking selfies 30 feet away from your phone is now made possible, and no, you don’t have to approach any random strangers on the street asking for a hand no more.

Creepy AR Emoji

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 we were hoping for an update to the less-than-satisfactory AR Emoji which just ended up looking creepy when it was released with the Galaxy 9. Unfortunately, the feature did not fare much better on the new device in terms of the aesthetics but is still a lot of fun.

Substantially Heavy

As is the issue with most phablets, carrying the Galaxy Note 9 around could easily get cumbersome. It’s large size also limits movement, requiring some planning to safeguard the device always.

This is not all we have to say about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Watch out for the video review coming out soon!

*All images by Samsung Malaysia.

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