BaRnana Leaf: A Modern Take on Traditional Banana Leaf

A twist in the traditional South Indian cuisine, incorporating an open bar concept.

Banana leaf is simply loved  by many Malaysians, especially KL-ites. One can never go wrong with banana leaf – the soft steamed rice, the savoury curries, the varieties of vegetables, and of course, the crunchy papadum. Just thinking about it can get your mouth watery.

While we have an extensive list of banana leaf restaurants scattered all over Klang Valley, The Rogue Dining Venture (TRDV) is hoping to bring your banana leaf experience to the next level.

BaRnana Leaf open bar concept red hotel
BaRnana Leaf is located next to BaRkery at Red Hotel by Sirocco.

Introducing BaRnana Leaf – an open restaurant/bar that incorporates two different cultures; South Indian with a twist of a Western touch. This latest addition to the family aims to highlight to its patrons, both local and international alike, on the history of the cuisine. 

BaRnana Leaf open bar concept red hotel
The open bar space outside the establishment.

The vibrant history of banana leaf rice is translated through the taste and quality of food. The mixture of traditional Indian spices plays an important role in enhancing the jam packed flavours from our staple dishes such as Chicken Varuval, Fried Mackerel, Squid Masala and more.

BaRnana Leaf open bar concept red hotel
The basic set of banana leaf rice comes along with 3 types of vegetables and curry sauce.
BaRnana Leaf open bar concept red hotel
You can add more dishes apart from the banana leaf rice set.

The twist comes to play with the cocktails served at BaRnana Leaf, where the concoction acts as great refreshers to pair with the dishes.

For instance, Indian tonic – an Indian spice infusion Gin & Tonic – deriving from how Indian soldiers would combine their quinine malaria medicine with their gin rations to make it more palatable, and Cold Drip Palm Tea, a local reflection on the Bourbon Sweet Tea where kaffir lime fragrance dances with the grain flavours of the bourbon, and balanced with earthiness from the gula melaka.

BaRnana Leaf


Mondays – Thursdays, Sundays: 7 am – 12 am
Fridays and Saturdays: 7 am – 1 am

G-2A, Menara M101 Dang Wangi, 3
alan Kamunting ,Kuala Lumpur.

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