When in Brickfields, Eat!

We’ve picked 5 must-try (street) food in Brickfields!

Once the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, Brickfields is one of the most vibrant areas in the Klang Valley. The humble neighbourhood has gained some fame in recent years due to the large constructions that have been done in the area which include KL Sentral, NU Sentral shopping mall, various hotels, and office towers. In addition, the other older part of Brickfields is also currently undergoing a re-development process, putting an emphasis on improving the historical buildings and structures.

Brickfields Littel India

The highlight, however, is Little India — the heart of Brickfields. It runs along the bustling Jalan Tun Sambathan, formerly named as Jalan Brickfields. Here you can clearly see the juxtaposition of the old part of the Brickfields located on the left and the new, modern side of KL Sentral on the right. The streets are filled with shops selling many types of Indian food, clothing, and other provisions.

Wandering around the area can be a little overwhelming as there are many to see and taste — especially the latter. Despite the gloomy weather, we strolled around Little India in quest of the best street food — our favourite kind of trail, indeed.

1. Vadai @ Ammar’s Indian Sweets Stall

Brickfields Little India street food

Located opposite to Pos Laju along Jalan Tun Sambathan, Ammar’s Indian Sweets Stall is a must-visit whenever you are looking for good Indian snacks. The stall has great variety of snacks made fresh daily including onion bhajis, banana fritters and pakora. The ulunthu vadai sold here tends to be bland taste-wise but the texture is puffy and soft. You can opt for their more aromatic masala vadai with a crunchy bite and whole yellow split beans — our favourite pick from the stall!

2. Pani Puri @ Delhi Grill Restaurant

Brickfields Little India street food

Located next to Value Bazaar along Jalan Tun Sambathan, this humble restaurant is easily missed. Here, their pani puri is served elegantly on a plate with each shell stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas and delicate crispy sev. A plate of 6 crispy shell comes with a small bowl of pani or mint water for you to dip the puri into.

3. Ghee Thosai @ Sri Kortumalai Restaurant

Brickfields Little India street food thosai gee

Also known as Najib’s Corner, Sri Kortumalai Restaurant is well-known for its fine and delicious Indian cuisine with great range of variety to choose from, especially the vegetarian options. Opt for ghee thosai instead of the plain thosai for breakfast to kickstart your day off with something good. This crispy crepe made of fermented rice, black lentil and a brush of ghee is simply heavenly scrumptious, making us wanting to order one after another.

4. Pisang Goreng @ Mr. Chiam Pisang Goreng

Brickfields Little India street food

Mr. Chiam Pisang Goreng stall is located opposite the YMCA building, right in front of Restoran One Sentral. The legendary stall has been operating for more than 30 years and is one of the longest-lasting street eateries in Brickfields. This humble stall only sells 4 items with pisang goreng being the highlight, of course, along with kuih bakul (sweet rice cake fritters), sesame balls and curry puff. Although they do not sell as many variants as other stalls but all items are consistently sold out with customers incessantly flocking over to buy. What makes pisang goreng here stand out is that they are made out of only one type of banana, which is the pisang raja  bigger in size and incredibly sweet when deep-fried.

5. Ais Kacang @ Ah Keong Ais Kacang 

Brickfields Little India street food

Ah Keong Ais Kacang Stall is another talk of the town which has been serving customers delicious ice goodies for many years in Brickfields. Located next to 7 Eleven along Jalan Padang Belia, their signature ais kacang is served with a mountain of shaved ice loaded with the usual ingredients such as black cincau cubes, kidney beans, yellow corn, and the green cendol which is hidden beneath. Taste-wise, the ais kacang tends to be a bit coconut-ty but the portion of the shaved ice and the ingredients are fairly large.

There you have it  5 must-try food in Brickfields. Which one is your favourite?

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