Clinking Glasses and Chasing Sunsets at Pacific Standard Bar

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar

For a taste of that Hollywood glamour with your cocktails.

In case you haven’t heard, Alila Bangsar has finally fully opened its doors last weekend. The hotel that has been the talk of the town for the whole year so far had already been welcoming guests but not all the rooms across the 5 floors were accepting reservations. So, if you thought Pacific Standard Bar was already bustling with patrons every night before, it’s only going to get much livelier.

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar
The view of Bangsar skyline from the bar.

Now, if you’re still not convinced and need a little more push to pay a visit to the bar (if the number of times you’ve seen it on your friends’ timeline didn’t do it for you) let me take you on a pictorial journey featuring some of the amazing cocktails that you could order off the menu as well as the Instagram-worthy shots that you could procure while sipping on your drink.

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar

Let’s set the mood. You just got off work and you need a drink. The sun is about to set and after a long day you would like to go somewhere you know you’re welcomed in, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as mankind’s ingenuity. You also feel like going on an adventure. You don’t necessarily want to be the star of this escapade but merely a tag-along, to reap in the excitement without doing much work. So, you head to Pacific Standard Bar where your exploit for the evening has been laid out for you. The hero of the picture here goes by the name Ruben, the Principal Bartender of the establishment. So you stick with him and he takes you on a trip you know you won’t soon forget.

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar Ruben
Principal Bartender of Pacific Standard Bar – Ruben.

Well, that’s my version of my evening at the bar. The amazing Ruben started us off with the introduction of the menu, which is very much inspired by the charm of Hollywood – the same attraction that leads to an influx of cater waiters in California every year, so I hear. Divided into 4 different categories, the menu caters to everyone and their preferred flavour in cocktails. Here are some of our favourite cocktails made by Ruben at Pacific Standard Bar (PST).

Mai Tai

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar Mai Tai

The epitome of in-house goodness here is the Mai Tai, the cocktail synonymous with tropical locales. Often a concoction of rum, curacao liqueur, and boxed juices, the iteration of this cocktail in PST takes any artificiality out of the equation, instead using a house-made coconut rum and fresh pineapple juice for that sense of earnestness. Also, there’s nothing like the feeling of catching the sunset with a delicious Mai Tai in hand.

Old Fruit Fashioned

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar Old Fruit Fashioned

A fruity take on the well-known Old Fashioned, this cocktail is the perfect example of how PST likes its drinks to be – classic with a twist. This strong drink celebrates all the goodness of the smoky scotch, with cognac, curacao, and adding the fruit flavour in it is Morlacco cherry liqueur.

Morgan’s Moscow Mule

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar Morgan's Mule

It is tradition that Moscow Mules be served in a copper mug or cup. PST’s version of the drink doesn’t stray too far from the original recipe (vodka and ginger beer) but adds a spicy kick to the concoction with a dash of house-made basil syrup chilli vodka, which – you guessed it – is also prepared in-house.

Fat White Russian

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar Fat White Russian

For those with a sweet tooth even when it comes to their cocktails (guilty as charged), the Fat White Russian has a surprise for you. Clichéd are spiked milkshakes – introducing donuts with your liquor. One of the most complex-to-make drinks in the menu, this must-order’s highlight is the house-made donut liquor foam which is painstakingly harvested from a combination of cream, donuts, and rum. The foam is then topped on a classic White Russian cocktail, which comprises Kahlúa and vodka.

Alila Bangsar Pacific Standard Bar
The view from Pacific Standard Bar at dusk.

Do you have a favourite drink from Pacific Standard Bar that is not mentioned? Let us know in the comments section below!

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*Featured image by Pacific Standard Bar, the rest by UPPRE.

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