#ThirstyThursday: Wines, Whisky, & Personalities

We’ve got a roundup of freshly-unveiled wines on our shores, interesting personalities you need to know more about, and what’s new with Johnnie Walker.

Which better day to keep you updated on what’s new and what’s brewing in the local spirits and wines scene than on #ThirstyThursday? Keep reading for some crucial information before you head to the local liquor store.

Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017

Situated in one of Australia’s best regarded winemaking regions, Cape Mentelle produces some of the most exceptional wines, including the newly-released Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017. Featuring 61% Sauvignon Blanc and 39% Semillon, the wine boasts the gentle aromas of fresh herbs, lemon citrus, and other tropical fruits. Flavour-wise it’s a vibrant white, with the freshness of grass and a tangy edge.

Cape Mentelle, a founding winery of Australia’s remote Margaret River wine region, is one of the most remote wine regions in the world located in the south west corner of Australia; its natural beauty with spectacular coastlines captivates visitors. Here the maritime influence of the Indian Ocean ensures even temperatures, providing consistently excellent vintage conditions.

Cheval Des Andes 2015

Cheval des Andes, born from the union of Château Cheval Blanc, “Premier Grand Cru Classé A” of Saint Emilion renowned for its savoir-faire in the art of blending, and Terrazas de los Andes, a pioneer of high-altitude winemaking in Argentina, is headed to an inspiring future.

Cheval Des Andes

Some of the maison’s vintages include the Cheval des Andes 2012, with mentholated hints and its dense and silky tannins, and the Cheval des Andes 2013, which possesses a finesse in its tannins that accompany a full-bodied wine with remarkable finish.

The highlight is of course the Cheval des Andes 2015 – a very well balanced wine, between the softness of the Malbec and the structure of the Cabernet Sauvignon. With 69 % Malbec and 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, the lively ruby colour of the wine reflects the fresh condition of the harvest while the nose features aromas of liquorice and menthol before maturing into secondary notes of wild fruits that evolve into bouquet of anise and clove as the tertiary smell. On the taste buds, the wine proves to be sharp, fresh, and subtle.

Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry Edition

Johnnie Walker Black Label recently hosted the boldest and edgiest pop-up party with two shades of black, BlackList 2.0 – an exclusive experience of good music, gastronomical delight and spectacular tarot readings.

The party featured the new, limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry Edition, alongside the classic Johnnie Walker Black Label, which were the two shades of black behind the bold cocktails of the night – Johnnie Ginger, Old Fashioned, Rob Walker and Sherry Ginger. With the new blend, guests were treated to a rich and fruitier character – a twist on the classic Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Louis XIII Cognac “100 Years” – The Song We’ll Only Hear #IFWECARE

LOUIS XIII Cognac premiered “100 Years” – The Song We’ll Only Hear #IFWECARE – which is inspired by the 100 years it takes to make a bottle of Louis XIII cognac. It is a unique musical composition created by Pharrell Williams that will not be released until 2117. LOUIS XIII partnered with Pharrell on this innovative project due to a shared dedication to environmental issues. The original song is a creative expression of the delicate relationship between nature and time, and the effect humans have on their environment. Each decanter of LOUIS XIII represents the life achievement of generations of cellar masters, so LOUIS XIII must always think a century ahead.

  1. How does the LOUIS XIII’S “100 Years” collaboration project connect to environmental issues and why does it matter in the next 100 years?

Nature and time are at the heart of what we do. If the environment is unstable, even the greatest Cellar Master would not be able to compose the exceptional blend that is LOUIS XIII. Global warming is one of the most important issues of the 21st century; with “100 Years” – The Song We’ll Only Hear #IFWECARE, we hope to inspire people around the world to take action.

Louis XIII Le Mathusalem
  1. Why is LOUIS XIII a strong advocate of global warming?

It all begins from our soil that depicts the existence of our cognac. Global warming is happening as we speak, and we must do something about it to take care and protect our planet. As a company, we must do the best we can every day to make the world a better place. If there is no soil, there is no LOUIS XIII.

  1. What would you like your descendants to inherit in the 100 years?

I had my first drink and cigar with my grandfather, and this is one of my fondest memory. It is something that I would like my grandchildren and great‐grandchildren to experience as well. I hope that in 100 years, we would still have amazing Cuban cigars, like the ones from the Dominican Republic and Honduras, and for that, we would need to preserve the soil. And of course, the “100 Years” artistic project. If the sea level continues to rise, the disc will dissolve and the song will never be heard again. The challenge to the citizens of the world is to stop the effects of global warming, so that our descendants can listen to the song in 2117, but only #IfWeCare.

The Great Brew Fest by Heineken Malaysia

A nationwide celebration of great quality brews and craftsmanship, The Great Brew Fest is where beer enthusiasts and social drinkers get to enjoy Heineken Malaysia’s portfolio of premium international beers, stouts and ciders at promotional rates from 1st October – 10th November.

Even more exciting, after years of beer celebrations, this year beer fans will get to experience a limited release festival beer, a Tiger Amber Lager, exclusively brewed for The Great Brew Fest.

Consumers will also be able to own a first-of-its-kind set of the ‘brew inspired art’ limited edition designer mugs, created by HEINEKEN Malaysia in collaboration with some of Malaysia’s most talented and renowned artists: CLOAKWORK, Kenji Chai, Beautiful Machines featuring Sling, Jarold Sng and Lynda (Pink Tattoos). The stunning designs are laser etched on to metallic-coloured mugs, worthy of a collector’s item.

We sat down with Lynda of Pink Tattoos to get to know more about the woman behind the mug!


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You’ve mentioned in interviews that the name Pink Tattoos comes from your name. Is there any backstory to the name Pink?

My then 6-year-old sister was asked what to name her new baby sister. She answered, “Pink!” as it was her favorite colour.

You’ve also been in the industry for a very long time now. What is the observation you’ve made regarding the changes in tattoo preferences of Malaysians?

It’s moving into a very “trendy” phase now where people want things that don’t work as good tattoos. They see it on Pinterest, etc and we have to educate clients daily on what works and what doesn’t. There is also an increase in “tattoo schools” which claims to transform you into a tattoo artist in a short time, which is just unrealistic and creates a lot of “tattoo artists” who are not properly trained.

What do you hope people will get/understand from your design inspired by the German wheat beer Paulaner when they purchase the mug?

It captures the feeling of summer and drinking a well brewed beer in under the sun with a cool breeze ruffling your hair.

Want to win one of the mugs for yourself? Instructions on our Facebook page here!

*Featured image via Cape Mentelle.

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