Getting To Know: Bil Musa

The singer-songwriter is making big waves in the indie scene with her laidback tunes.

Local songstress Bil Musa has been in the industry for a while – she released her self-titled EP back in 2015 when Barisan Nasional was still in power, tackling exaggerated versions of personal issues that were plaguing her friends or acquaintances. She followed it up two years later with Young Adults, a more private album that spoke of everyday problems that youths – herself included – faced.

Her relatable music has gained Bil Musa a strong following over the years, young adults who needed to take a break from their hectic lives by escaping in easy-going music with words that spoke to them. That said, Bil Musa didn’t burst into the music scene out of nowhere either. The indie artist has been playing music since the 7, although at that time she did not imagine herself a singer.

Her life changed when she was spotted performing by Yuna’s manager at a wedding. After reviewing the music she produced in her bedroom and put up on Soundcloud, the once-aspiring artist was signed on to Yuna Room Records, and everything was history. Since then, whenever she’s not in the studio recording, Bil travels from stage to stage, performing in closed sets as well music festivals like Rock The World (2015), Laneway Festival (2015), Iskarnival (2017), and Good Vibes Festival (2018).

Her infectious, dreamy music released in both English and Malay continues to delight diehard fans, as well as entice new listeners. Her next performance is at the Urbanscapes 2018’s Unlimited Grooves Festival happening on the 10th November 2018 at Chin Woo Stadium 3pm onwards, where the lineup includes Wolf Alice, Bodega, and Midnight Fusic.

We also interviewed the mysterious artist to find out more about what she thinks of her music, her idea of role models, and what we can expect from her set in Urbanscapes 2018. Video above!

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