WURST Kuala Lumpur: A Subterranean Haven for Meat Lovers

5 reasons why you should head underground for some sausages.

Attention all meat lovers! Have you heard of the WURST restaurant in Kuala Lumpur? That’s right, this restaurant named after the German sausage is the delicatessen du jour for everything wiener, be it lamb, chicken, or beef and if that doesn’t tempt you already, we’ve put together more reasons for you to slide by the joint.

Artisanal Sausages Freshly Prepared In the Kitchen

Big Platter Sausage (RM48).
Angus Beef Meatballs (RM25).

If there is one thing Founder and Head Chef Logan Terence Lopez values the most in his cooking, it’s serving customers the freshest meal they’d ever have. As such you won’t find him or his team using any ingredient that have been kept frozen for long in their dishes. All the gourmet sausages and meat products used in the menu entries are made right in the kitchen while the greens and seafood are bought early in the day. Even the dips and sauces are prepared in-house too.

Everything Not Made In-House Are Mostly Locally Sourced

Fig Garden Salad (RM28).
Lamb Kofta

Although having trained in various culinary institutions around the world, Chef Logan prides in being able to recreate much-loved international cuisine using locally obtained ingredients. A strong proponent of the local food industry, he gets his meat and vegetables from local butchers and markets, while the seafood sourcing are kept regional, only going as far as Indonesia. Even the bread that complete certain dishes are baked by Berjaya University College Students.

Inspiring Décor & A SLIDE FOR ADULTS


There may not be any windows for natural lighting or al fresco dining options here, but WURST more than makes up for it by crafting an underground haven for meat lovers. Be greeted by a neon light advertising sausages in millennial pink and take a seat in one of the chic chairs that perfectly tie in with the restaurant’s 70s retro chic vibe. Chef Logan was inspired to create ambience after watching the movie La La Land – this is his version of a hidden jazz club.

Oh, did we mention there is an adult-sized slide as well to satisfy your inner child? Since staircases are so passé, why not drop into the restaurant directly from the lobby of MOV Hotel, under which WURST is located.

Sausages, Meat, & Cheese for Sale

As a delicatessen, WURST also sells a wide range of sausages and other meat products that are either made in the kitchen or well-recommended by the Chef. Racks of New World wines and other curated ingredients are at ready too, to complement the meat recipe you’ll be whipping up.

Under the Helm of a Visionary Chef

Loggy’s Noir Du Blanc (RM29).

The far-sighted Chef Terence Lopez is a familiar name in KL’s food scene, associated with some of the city’s leading eateries. Having lent his expertise to some of KL’s leading dining establishments in the past, he went on to helm seafood mecca Bait and Intermark Mall’s darling The Bowling Club. WURST is his latest endeavour, driven by his passion for sausages and serving people more protein than carb.

MOV Hotel – 43, Jalan Berangan
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 50200
Contact No:  +603 2781 9801

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