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Healthy food equals to happy tummy, don’t you agree? 

It can be a little bit hard to find a good restaurant that serve healthy diet options here in Ipoh but with the recent launching of Tummy Bowl, this said “next generation of sushi” is set to be a hit among foodies and health-conscious alike.

tummy bowl ipoh

Located in Greentown Business Centre on the same stretch of Sushi Mentai, Tummy Bowl is one of the new hypes in town and has quickly become a must-visit place in Ipoh. The restaurant serves the latest food trend  poke bowl – a traditional Hawaiian appetiser which mainly made of sliced marinated raw fish on a bed of sushi rice and sometimes served with toppings. It is relatively new in Malaysia so most of the poke bowl restaurants incorporate certain flavours to cater to local taste buds.

tummy bowl ipoh poke bowl
Spacious and clean.
tummy bowl ipoh poke bowl
A guide on how to customize your poke bowl in 5 steps.

The restaurant is spacious and can cater to big groups at a time. Upon entering, you will see a large painted menu on the wall showing you how to customize your poke bowl in 5 steps. Alternatively, you can also opt for their signature dish – Shoyu Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Coconut Chicken, or Tofu Salad. As for my friend and I, we ordered Shoyu Salmon and Coconut Chicken for our lunch.

Shoyu Salmon

tummy bowl ipoh poke bowl
Shoyu Salmon.

The Shoyu Salmon was served with a concoction of rice, lettuce, pineapple, cherry tomato, chuka wakame, pickled ginger, sunflower seed, scallion, ebiko, furikake, and spicy sriracha. As a big fan of salmon myself, I’d say I was absolutely satisfy with this poke bowl. The salmon was fresh and it went well with the whole refreshing concoction. Taste-wise, this type of poke bowl had a blend of sweet and sour to balance the bland taste of fresh salmon. The portion was quite big, enough to make your tummy happy.

Coconut Chicken

tummy bowl ipoh poke bowl
Coconut Chicken.

My friend was not a fan of uncooked fish so he went for the chicken instead. The Coconut Chicken poke bowl contained a concoction of rice, lettuce, corn, mango, cucumber, onions, pumpkin seed, fried garlic, fried shallot, and sesame miso. To be honest, I less fancy this poke bowl because of its coconut-ty taste of the chicken and fresh onions. I found that this one was a little bit spicier compared to the Shoyu Salmon poke bowl.

tummy bowl ipoh poke bowl
Red Ruby Cold Press Juicer and hot green tea.

For drinks, they serve green tea for RM1.50 and it is refillable. On top of that, they also offer cold press juicery of 4 options to choose from – Hidden Treasure, Red Ruby, Urban Green, and The Mob – each made of different mixture of 100% raw ingredients.

tummy bowl ipoh poke bowl
Information about the ingredients used in your poke bowl.

Tummy Bowl is pork-free and no alcohol used in the servings so all are welcomed here. Make sure to add Tummy Bowl in your must-visit list whenever you are in Ipoh.

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Tummy Bowl

2-1(4) Persiaran Greentown 8 ,Greentown Business Centre 30450 Ipoh, Perak

Operation hours: 11 am – 10 pm everyday

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