The Iron Fairies: KL’s Most Expensive Bar Has Flown In

The Iron Fairies

Kuala Lumpur joins Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong in bringing Ashley Sutton’s fantasy to life in the heart of the city.

Located at TREC’s HIVE Zone, the 10,000 square foot enchanted wonderland – the biggest and most impressive Iron Fairies bar by designer Ashley Sutton to date, offers a storybook fantasy experience to all that enter.

The Iron Fairies

The Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur, like its sister bars, is inspired by the children’s fairytale book series The Iron Fairies Vol.1 – Vol.3 written by nightlife guru Ashley Sutton.  Penned in his early days of mining, Ashley made a getaway into a world of make-believe to keep his mind engaged and occupied. In order to battle the boredom of his bleak working environment, he took up drawing as a hobby, sketching fairies, which eventually turned into the three-volume series of sought-after fantasy books.

Outfitted with the Iron Fairies signature dark raw iron, hand-hewn timber and soft, supple leather creatively incorporated into unique imagined spaces, each element at The Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur – from the design, entertainment to its handcrafted cocktails, offers a true escape from reality. Built at a heavyweight investment of RM12 million, The Iron Fairies KL enables patrons to unleash their imagination, allowing their inner child to come out and play.

The Iron Fairies
Nightlife guru Ashley Sutton.

The space is adorned with hundreds of literal ‘iron fairies’ that sit loosely on tables. 14 fairy personalities in all, each with their unique characteristics guiding guests to discover their inner fairies.

To further add to this incredible space that is a visual thrill, the whole venue is set to tantalise your eardrums with no less than 80,000 watts of power through the finely-tuned Italian speaker system – K-array, which is globally known to have one of the best sound systems being used majorly for live music concerts and festivals around the world.

The entire space is divided into two rooms, The Fairy Dust Factory and Butterfly Room:

The Fairy Dust Factory

The Iron Fairies

Imagined as a deep underground iron ore foundry with a mythical twist, the Fairy Dust Factory is the core of the whole venue where the amazing live bands perform covers of current songs in their creatively unique way. These bands are carefully curated with the aim of keeping you on your toes almost to the point of breaking into dance. This space is the social purlieu perfect for lounging, sipping scrumptious cocktails and enjoying mouth-watering food while relishing all the intricate artwork that surrounds you.

Butterfly Room

The Iron Fairies

Moving one floor above into the dark enclosed Butterfly Room where a boiler room vibe reigns while the DJ is playing music that leans towards the darker side of a magical ethereal fantasy fairy tale with the aim of making the crowd dance. Taking you to the underground sound of old-school house and funky disco to raw techno and experimenting with sub-genres in between, the realm of good electronic music is never-ending. This space is set to captivate your undivided attention and let your imagination run untamed with its 50,000 butterflies hanging from the ceiling as if frozen in time.

Owned by TREC F&B Ventures, The Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur is a must-visit destination for those visiting KL and an escape for city dwellers.

Heading to TREC to dine instead? Head to RD90 for some amazing Japanese fare!

The Iron Fairies
438, H-G-06, 438, Jalan Tun Razak
43000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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