Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Finally on Par

The next generation of Galaxy has arrived and it is everything we have been expecting for. 

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy line, Samsung has recently introduced Samsung S10 Plus along with the rest of the family; S10 and S10e. Samsung has constantly released new Galaxy S smartphones every year for the past decade. Though some of the phones were arguably close copies to those of iPhones’, this latest flagship is distinctly Samsung with newly added features; some are even the world’s firsts.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint

Samsung has taken biometric security to the next level with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor embedded under the display screen. To date, this ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor is said to be the first of its kind. The Qualcomm’s ultrasonic technology uses sound waves to create a 3D scan of the fingerprint and essentially allow more accurate and secured unlocks. Thanks to the ultrasonic fingerprint technology, you now have what Samsung called vault-like security and you can say goodbye to that awkward look when unlocking your phone using Face ID.

Pro-Grade Cameras

For many years, Samsung has pioneered most innovations in smartphone technology and that includes the camera. Instead of just two, Samsung elevates its latest flagship with five powerful pro-grade cameras in total. You will get triple-lens rear camera comprising a 12MP main shooter, a 12MP optically zoomed telephoto lens and a new 16MP ultra-wide lens. Up front, the Galaxy S10 Plus features two cameras; a 10MP dual-pixel shooter and a second 8MP depth-sensing lens. The dual-aperture lens on the main shooter captures vibrant-looking photos and fairly good low-light pictures. The highlight, however, is the ultra-wide lens. It gives you a 123-degree view for more dramatic and captivating photos.

Wireless PowerShare 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus packs a massive 4100 mAh battery and it is a substantial upgrade over its predecessor S9+ (3500 mAh) and even surpassing the Galaxy Note 9’s (4000 mAh). With all that capacity, the Galaxy S10 Plus now can even work like wireless mini power bank, thanks to the revolutionary wireless PowerShare feature! Though wireless charging is arguably not as efficient as wired charging, this feature is a real asset and comes in handy most of the times, especially for short jaunts.

Overall Verdict

After 10 years of Galaxy phones, it is safe to say that Samsung S10 Plus is the best 2019 flagship yet. It is good to finally see more real innovations are being made rather than just another upgrades from its predecessors. The only drawback is that the phone can be a little bit pricey. However, it is definitely worth your extra money, given the fact that the Galaxy S10 Plus has seamless vault-like biometric security technology, powerful cameras, and significant battery life improvements that you can now share with other devices.

*All images via Samsung Malaysia.

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